Resiliency Rx - Stress Management

Resiliency Rx - Stress Management

Res Rx

We choose the attitude we have in life.
We may not be able to control the events, but we can be in charge of our physical, mental and emotional responses.

Using established principles and measurable tools we will:

• Discover the use of humor, empathy, and purpose to develop understanding, tolerance, and a positive attitude

• Explore attitude and how it affects the bottom line

• Evaluate and understand your personal mission and how it relates to your company’s mission

• Provide perspective- improve productivity and creativity through humor

We will gain valuable tools and learn while exploring:

• Attitude – how it affects your bottom line and how to control it

• Play - how humor can function in the work place

• The “Make Their Day” philosophy

• Being present – empathy and communication at its fullest potential

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