The "Magic" of LIS/EMR Integration

The "Magic" of LIS/EMR Integration

LIS/EMR integration

Wasting time searching for missing lab results, running hard copies to your doctor, or resolving the chaotic mess transcription errors cause?

How much time do you or your staff spend logging in results, analyzing QC results, or matching a specimen through the ordering, collecting or processing phase?

Paperless results with a Laboratory Information System (LIS) reduces time, cost, and stress! Effective communication between your Laboratory Information system and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system allows the patient’s laboratory results to be transferred directly!

Whether you currently have a system in place or just beginning to research the option, this worlshop allows you to:

• recognize the capabilities of the LIS and EMR systems and determine the right system for you or linking to an existing system

• utilize the benefits each provides and calculate your ROI

• understand how to use LIS/EMR effectively

• be in compliance with CLIA/COLA regulations

• reduce pre and post analytical errors

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