Time Management:What Does it Co$t You to Pay Attention

Time Management:What Does it Co$t You to Pay Attention

Multitasking baby

In our multi-tasking environment we have more and more tasks, deadlines, and technological gadgets vying for our attention, making it increasingly harder to focus and be productive. It is no longer just an issue of “time” management. The effective worker of today needs to be able to manage their “attention”.

This workshop will explore challenges and problems facing busy offices of today. It will provide solutions and exercises to increase time/attention management and the ability to multi-task by exploring:

• Factors that affect your attention and how to get the most results for your time invested

• Your “total worth value”

• Setting up “time accounts”

• The difference between frontal lobe and cerebellum activities and how these affect multi-tasking

• How to do effective multi-tasking

• Learn what causes a 40-60% decrease in competency and how to avoid it


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