Laboratory Consulting

Laboratory Consulting

The Lab Guy

Tim specializes in working with POL's and helping them establish and perform COLA/CLIA accredited POC Laboratory testing, enhance the quality of patient care and maximize practice revenue.

Tim also specializes in choosing, installing and training for equipment analyzers and laboratory information systems, allowing you to benefit from the state of the art analyzers and computers. Perform CBC's and other lab tests in your office quickly and with little or no capital investment or additional staffing. 

Physicians, healthcare professionals and their patients will benefit from quality lab results with rapid turn around time. You and your staff will receive certified training and consultation from an experienced laboratory professional. 

Point of care testing is the new evolution in health care. With the state of the art equipment and data management capabilities laboratory testing can be done IN your office.

Point of Care testing is practice improvement methodology that can:

  • Decrease turnaround time for patient results.
  • Provide accurate, timely and affordable laboratory tests results
  • Enhance the quality of patient care and better overall customer satisfaction
  • Generate additional practice revenue 

Tim's Downloadable Articles

Financial "Check-Up" Maximizing Laboratory Revenue >>

As featured in the COLA newsletter "Insights". Learn how to give continuity and organization to your lab and maximize revenue. This article is a guide that can be used year to year to measure and compare your lab’s effectiveness, efficiency, and financial health. It allows you to specifically address each lab department that may need to improve and determine how those improvements will be implemented.

POCT for POL's >>

Featured in MLO magazine. Return on Investment and financial feasibility are dicussed for physician office laboratories considering doing medical laboratory point of care testing

The Lab Guy - "Disaster Preparedness" >>

Tim the Lab Guy discusses disaster preparedness in the laboratory environment as featured in MLO magazine

The Lab Guy - "Lab Safety; The One Time I Didn't" >>

Featured in MLO Magazine. Do you remember the one time you did not do what you normally do to be safe? Was it something simple like not wearing your seat belt? Or did you reach into a biohazard container to retrieve a tube of blood? Did you get lucky when nothing bad happened? Or did you pay for it?

What to Look For When Hiring a Laboratory Consultant >>

This article was featured in the March/April 2008 issue of COLA Insights newsletter on page 4. Sometimes you require expertise beyond what is available from your own laboratory staff. When such situations occur, you may find yourself calling upon a consultant. Tim gives his insight as to the key qualities to look for and expect!
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