Anatomy of a Sale

Anatomy of a Sale

Sales Anatomy

Customized Interactive and Engaging Sales Training specific to your product or service!

Drawing on information from the United Professional Sales Association (UPSA), Customer Service must now be Customer "Centric".

"WHAT" is the product you have to offer, "HOW" will it benefit them, and "WHY" should they do business with you? Key questions a winning sales force will have answers to. 

The process is broken down into “9” phases. These phases include actions taken prior to, during, and after the sale to insure GREAT customer service, loyal cutomers and repeat business.

With a “Live” performance, we will demonstrate and discuss each of the phases and clarify their importance in the successful sales and service transaction.

• Witness real life sales and service situations

• Examine how a sale is really won or lost from the buyer’s vantage point

• Learn how to align yourself with your customer to excel at service and support future sales

• Receive valuable tools to enhance your sales and service professionalism

• Develop a language for sales and service transaction quality assurance

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