"Imagine the Impossible" - Enhancing Lab Sales & Service

"Imagine the Impossible" - Enhancing Lab Sales & Service


With the introduction of smaller, more efficient and affordable laboratory equipment, physicians' offices now have the "tools" to bring laboratory testing in-house. Not only can they enhance patient care and customer service, they will generate additional practice revenue.

This session is designed for laboratory equipment manufacturers, distributors, and their staff to help provide the Point of Care Testing"resources" to those physician office labs and their staff.

  • What are the benefits of point of care testing (POCT) and how do we begin to set-up a physician office lab (POL)
  • What are the CLIA requirements and how can the office become certified and meet all compliance requirements?
  • Understanding the "Who's Buying What" perspective; Physician, Practice Manager, Lab Supervisor
  • How to transistion from Waived to Non-Waived testing
  • Choosing and justifying the test menu and lab equipment
  • Calculating ROI  



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