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CornerStone Health Care, High Point, NC

  • CornerStone Health CareCornerStone Health Care
  • Lab Week Celebraton cakeLab Week Celebraton cake
  • Theresa, Meredith, Tim & DonellaTheresa, Meredith, Tim & Donella
  • A little lab magic!A little lab magic!
  • Theresa & Tim start us off...Theresa & Tim start us off...
  • Imagine the Impossible...Imagine the Impossible...
  • The magic ball trickThe magic ball trick
  • Magic hat trick.Magic hat trick.
  • Nice hat!Nice hat!
  • Cut right here.Cut right here.
  • Nice tie!! (Too bad I'm going to cut it).Nice tie!! (Too bad I'm going to cut it).
  • Look at that - It's MAGIC!!Look at that - It's MAGIC!!
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